Lord of the Breakthrough!

Stop delaying, 2017 is here!

2017 is now here, so where are you? Yes, this is directed to you! You have been talking about “changes” that you were going to make to your lifestyle. But New Years Day has come and gone and here you are, still procrastinating…

Well, there is good news! The Lord of the Breakthrough is still actively engaged in re-shaping the direction and agenda of those that are pursuing Jesus as their source of fulfillment. The mistake that most people make is looking to obtain the power of change, in order to morph into some sort of idol which bears their own personal happiness; rather than seek the one that created them and knows the path to achieving His 2017 goals for your life.

No hype, When you pursue a lifestyle centered on Jesus, avoid the temptation of culture to embrace a post-modern view of Christianity, HE will empower you to shake off the lethargy and underacheiving mindset of 2016.

The Lord of the Breakthrough will then smash your personally imposed ceiling of limitations. In the words of that great 90’s Hip Hop artist Rakim, “It aint where you from, it’s where you at”; so now, walk into 2017 with confidence!

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